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Lord Voldemort

Admin Application Template

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All admin applicants must follow this template when posting their thread. If any information is missing then the application will be closed and you will be asked to repost.

Once payment has been sent for your selected admin package, post your thread here filling out the below template into your post. It may take up to 24 hours maximum to set up your SourceBans account, we ask that you remain patient. You will receive a PM once your account has been set up and admin permissions are ready to use on our servers!

[b]Age & Date of Birth[/b]: 
[b]In-Game Name[/b]: 
[b]Steam ID[/b]: 
[b]How many languages do you speak?[/b]: 
[b]Do you own Counter-Strike: Source on Steam (not cracked)?[/b]: 
[b]Do You have Discord?[/b]: 
[b]Are you a member of the Unified Gaming Discord[/b]: 
[b]Do you have previous experience with SourceMod?[/b]: 
[b]Have you ever been VAC banned and if so, why?[/b]: 
[b]Why do you want to become an admin? (Must be more than 200 characters)[/b]: 
[b]Which server are you applying for admin?[/b]: 
[b]Which Division are you applying to? (CS:S, CS:GO, TF2)[/b]: 
[b]PayPal Transaction ID[/b]: 
[b]Paypal Automatic Payment Number[/b]: 



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