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Increasing your chances of being staff!

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Here are some basic rules to follow when apply and playing to almost guarantee you a position on our staff team!

  1. Be chill. We are not looking for someone who gets very angry or is mean to our players.
  2. Fill out the application format correctly. This is often overlooked but if you fail to fill in the format completely or do it incorrectly we almost always deny the application.
  3. Take time to fill out the application! Take some time to fill out the application and really think about your responses.
  4. Do not ask in-game or on the website for anyone to look at your staff application. This will be an automatic denial of the application.
  5. Do not ask in-game or on the website for anyone to look at your staff application.  This is just a really important one so I put it twice. This is the most common way of being denied!
  6. Have some patience, most players like to know you are calm and can maintain yourself.
  7. Have some good hours within the community, get to know some people and make some new friends before you take on a position here.
  8. Know your authority, remember that this is you. Base your application on you, not anybody else. 
  9. Know your maturity level. Know that you need to be mature to staff in the server.
  10. Put some detail into that application, make us know that you for sure want to be more of the community.

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