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  1. UPDATE: @everyone HLstatsX is still being worked on, we hope this will be back online by Friday. The dedicated server has been restored and both CS:S servers are now up and running again (Surf and Classic). The CS:S zombie server won't be making a return and has been decommissioned. CS:GO is expected to make a full return within the next two weeks. The GMOD servers are still down and we haven't made a decision on this yet. @Management and @Divisions Leader will discuss the future of GMOD servers with @Game Server Manager. TF2 is being updated so has been taken offline, but is not the main priority and we expect this to make a full return within the next couple of months. Thanks for your patience, @Management @Divisions Leader
  2. We've made vast progress today and the Counter-Strike: Source classic server is now back online. We're now moving into the weekend so support and installation progress will be limited, but we're working as fast as we possibly can. We will continue to update this thread. @Management @Divisions Leader

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