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  1. I feel this new #LionKing movie is just a piss take from the original movie... I don’t like that at all. It’s not okay.

    1. Operation_Blackbird


      What new Lion King Movie?

  2. This is a great service, @ThreeUK! Highly appreciated. #NoService #ThreeUK https://t.co/Ry1WqGVeex

  3. @paigequiggers Aww you are most welcome! 🙂

  4. #Origin down in #Cambridge UK https://t.co/GWpIuXzfrf

  5. RT @DowndetectorUK: Origin is having issues since 8:30 PM BST. https://t.co/04iEv1Om5q RT if it's down for you as well #Origindown

  6. @AsuraHostingCom cPanel on https://t.co/W53gkp1rNR keeps going down when I'm trying to upload my files. Now I've go… https://t.co/AgdFosD0qU

  7. Of the many webhosting companies I've had the pleasure of doing business with I have never come across one in which… https://t.co/qrCgadLJ4w

  8. @AsuraHostingCom So it seems your whole website is down. That's great.

  9. @Windows Care to explain why my new reinstalled Windows 10 is now capping/limiting my Internet speed AGAIN? I speci… https://t.co/Ou5ugGRqeh

  10. @Barnacules @Barnacules In the end I had to clean reinstall Windows 10 and it resolved the issue. So after all that… https://t.co/bYIBFFeP9a

  11. @NoServiceHereUK @ThreeUK It was #Newnham CB3 area of #Cambridge

  12. @ThreeUK FIX YOUR FUCKING COVERAGE AROUND #Cambridge, #Three!!! Piece of shit network having these coverage issues for 4 fucking years!! 😠

  13. @paigequiggers Girl you're stunning! 😍

  14. @McJuggerNuggets Oh you’re so stuck up. He wasn’t slandering your name for views or money at all. Grow up, Jesse.

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