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These regulations are clear and easy to follow. As such are only in place to ensure our community is and remains a fun and friendly environment.

 Violations of Forum Rules will result in an infraction on your account. If you have a 30%+ infraction level you will be placed in the Warning group.
Additionally (if appropriate) posting bans or moderated posts shall be set.

Warning Group Restrictions
Restrictions above 30%:

 Infraction/Ban dodging will result in your account being temporarily banned from Unified Gaming and infraction level increased.

Individual infractions expire automatically every 30 days.

If your infraction level hits 100% your account will be banned indefinitely! 

Signature Guidelines NOTICE: This community is enforcing COPPA "(Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)" and as such any and all personal information of members should be kept private. - That being said; such information shared by a member under the age of 16 years old is of their own discretion. Unified Gaming will not be held responsible or accountable for any type of issues that may arise from a child being a member of this community. - It is for this reason that members' be at least 13 years or older in order to join this site.

Staff Conditions:
All members of staff at Unified Gaming are voluntary only.


Strict Download Moderation Policy (SDMP):

Files are provided free of charge to community members, subject to the following terms and conditions: You may not distribute the files elsewhere by any means if files are made BY staff, except with prior permission of the file author. Other files such as patches for games are allowed to be redistributed as long as it's legal. Files are provided 'as is' without any warranty implied or otherwise as to their fitness for a particular purpose. We do thoroughly check files for viruses/malware however the site owners shall not be held liable for any damage/interruption to your system even if said cause was the supplied file.

You are permitted to use the files on as many machines/copies of the software (for upgrades/patches) as you legally own. Files must be submitted in an archive format, either .zip or .rar only. Ensure you state clearly in the description as to its purpose. Raw executable (.exe) and other archive formats (7z / tar etc) will be rejected without further explanation as will files devoid of a description or those that do not do what is stated.

Unified Gaming and it's staff reserve the right to revise or change these rules whenever and however they see fit without further notification or notice.

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