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Unified Gaming


  1. Members Lounge

    The 'Members Lounge' is exactly as it sounds. It is a place for all members to create and/or join in conversations with other members. Perhaps a member is having technical issues, would like to share their creativity (such as photoshop designs etc) -- this is the place to do that.


    Members Lounge is strictly moderated.

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  2. Tips, Tactics and Training

    Are you a new player struggling to win games? Get the essential tips to success in the TOP TIPS section, or ask the professionals if you have a specific question you need answered, hook up with online coaches to train you in-game.

    Share tactical discussions with players of all skills in the tactical discussion section.

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  3. Casual Player's Haven

    Fed up of words like Ow3ned, pwned, N00b, etc?

    Want to just chill and chat about FFGs, TOE games, fun tactics, mod maps?

    Then this is the place for you.


    Hardcore talk not welcome in this section!

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  4. Clan Centre

    Hosted Clans, Clan recruitment, Try-outs, General discussion, etc for clans


    Attention!: You must have a total of 25+ forum posts to post a clan thread.

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  5. 1

    Files uploaded to our Downloads system will generate a thread if that download here.

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About us

Bringing gamers closer than ever, forming as one, united as a community. We strive to follow in the footsteps of our fellow championship gamers.
We are known as Unified Gaming!

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