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  • Last Update: 27/02/20

    Be Advised - These rules can change without notice



    1. Be respectful to all players out-of-character.
    2. Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community or the server will result in a permanent ban.
    3. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game or in global chat. Appeals or reports can be made on the forums.
    4. In game currency and items (Cash, Printers, C4, Shipments, etc.) may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits. The sale of dupes are excluded.
    5. Do not spam anything of any kind.
    6. Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden.
    7. A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules.
    8. Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation.



    Random Death Match (RDM)

    • Players directly harming your life, property and/or freedom may be killed without warning.
      • Premature kills born from clear but unsatisfied (no damage) hostile intent will be allowed when 100% irrefutable video proof of the hostile intent is provided. Video content will be judged by CO+. If intent is not 100%, kill will be concluded as RDM.
    • Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning.
    • All other cases require a 10s+ second warning including a clear set of instructions delivered through typed chat (Local, Yell, or Whisper) and the 10s+ time for validity.
      • It is the full responsibility of the warning originator to ensure all intended targets are aware of the warning outside the vicinity of their base (designated by the raidzone) should they ask in chat.
        • You can grant custom "everyone" warnings on your own leisure, bypassing the public duality to the rule above, but with an obvious risk
        • As for the base vicinity, if you choose to specify targets in your raid zone before warning, others not specified cannot kill you. If you choose not to specify your targets, everyone receiving the warning in your raid zone can kill you.
      • If the target has completed the instructions in full, you may not kill them. 
      • The consequence does not have to be detailed, all valid warnings are automatically a threat excluding 10 second demote warnings.
      • Ex: Leave or die you have 10 seconds!
    • If the receiving target of a warning and/or inducing action shows hostile intent OR ignorance of the instruction (2 second leisure), such as but not limited to specifically un-holstering a weapon/red baton, escaping, etc. then action can be made instant.
      • Examples of Inducing Actions: Stunsticking, Raping, Mugging, Pimp Slapping, Kidnapping, Tazing, Wanting (not auto server wants), Damaging and so on
    • The mayor may not be killed during Mayor Grace for any reason. Mayors Grace is voided by the Mayor executing anything RP related beyond what is done automatically (like default laws)
      • You may not camp the mayors office during his grace with the purpose of killing him afterwards.


    • Your character may not use information beyond its knowledge and beyond its current life (including arrests). This includes but is not limited to any form of revenge killing, warrant, wanting, or demoting
      • Demoting someone requires you to visually confirm the infraction as well as confirm that the name tag is linked to the person you are monitoring. Voice chat, player models, and the TAB menu are not reliable methods of confirmation. Single mayors along with corrupt laws are an exception and may be demoted solely off of the TAB menu.

    Basing and Building

    • Prop/Entity/Door spamming, blocking, climbing, surfing, and minging altogether is not allowed.
      • Do not spawn props/move props inside of/on top of other players’ property, do not do it during raids, and do not do it during an event
    • You may have a clearly visible textscreen building signs to isolate and protect yourself from the RP world provided you do not have any raidables, and you/anyone affiliated are not engaging in role-play. It must be removed when you are finished. Call staff if you are being tampered with to the point where you cannot physically build.
    • Base entrances as well as the overall inner layout must be absolutely clear and concise. (I.E Mazes, Traps [if non-hostage taker], Puzzles, Hidden Keypads, etc.)
      • Fading bridges and sky-bases are not allowed.
      • Bases cannot force players to crouch, jump, crouch jump or precision walk at any point.
      • The maximum amount of fading doors per base is 3.
      • Door real estate (holding property to sell it for a profit) is not allowed.
      • Holding a base and failing to utilize it in full and reasonable capacity after being warned will result in a staff member force removing the ownership.
    • Pointless builds that take up more than 50% of the road and/or sidewalk will result in them being removed without warning.
      • Pointless is described as something that adds nothing to the RP value or gameplay (Art, Buildings with no purpose, litter, minge builds, etc.)
      • Trap bases cannot be built on any portion of the street
      • You may not build anywhere in the vicinity of the main intersection point in front of spawn or the immediate sidewalks directly adjacent the spawn entrances/exits for Downtown. (Props and/or entities)

    RP Relation

    • You are free to protect players, along with their property, that you have an RP relationship with
    • You cannot RP Relate yourself to someone after a hostile action has been initiated in order to defend against said action.
    • RP Relation via custom job name (default name not included) must be completed both ways to be valid.
    • Government are restricted to RP relation with other government personnel.
    • Ways to be RP related:
      • Job/Class – This takes precedence over all other RP relation. You must also follow all class rules before considering RP relation.
      • Owning the same base – You may only protect those within the vicinity of your base. This also applies to the Hotel and all tenants within, every tenant shares ownership of the Hotel along with the Manager.
      • Organisation – An organisation can be made for $50,000 .
      • Hired/Working Together – You must be either hired through F4, or have your job name set as: /job "w/ person OR group name here alone*"
      • Customer Relationship – Whilst performing your transaction you have RP relation with your customer

    Raiding and Mugging

    You and those RP related with you must wait 10 minutes before performing these actions on the same person and/or base. This does not apply to Police Officers re-raiding bases for illegal infractions or players raiding out of jail by means of escaping.

    • Mugging
      • Maximum: $1,000
      • Must grant victims 10 seconds to oblige unless they are actively escaping, in which you can KOS them.
      • Any signs of hostile intent from the victim (shooting, taking out, or switching to weaponry) is KOS
      • Your target must be able to have reasonable line of sight of you for the entire duration of the mug meaning uncontested by props or map walls.
      • You may not mug groups.
      • Ex: Drop 1k or die you have 10 seconds.
    • Raiding
      • You may only occupy a raid for 10 minutes. Once you’ve completed your raid, you must leave immediately.
      • Dying during a raid, coming back, and re-entering absolutely any part of the raid zone is disallowed as well as attempting to contribute to the success or failure of said raid from outside it via supplying and/or support fire. Defenders neglect this ruling.
      • You must be a raiding class to assist in any form of raid period
        • Destroying entities is not considered raiding
      • Absolutely anyone is KOS in the raid zone (defined as a 5 shoulder-to-shoulder length from any entrance/exit/wall ~ props included). Government jobs have different raid zone guidelines below.
      • Leaving the raid zone at any point during the raid ends your raid participation with the exception of leaving to deal with someone directly related to the base
      • If it is 100% obvious that there are no raidables in a base, you may not raid.
      • You may raid checkpoints.


    • Ransom cannot exceed 50,000
    • Zip-tying, purchasing a hostage, or stealing a hostage classifies it as your own property and they are raidables when left in your base
    • Reserved for kidnapping classes:
      • Advertising (PM, Voice, Ad, Yell, and Chat) the sale of hostages a.k.a ransom
      • Trapping of players in their base and/or constructions
      • Forcing anyone to pay a toll to exit an obstruction
    • Hitmen may grant custom 10 second drop warnings to those carrying their hits
    • Zip-tying (indicated by sound) is assault relative the target it's being aimed towards
    • KOS Guidelines:
      • As a hostage, you may KOS the kidnapper, the person owning the props holding you, and anyone related until you successfully escape the facility/building/prop construction
      • If your hostage attempts to vividly escape at all while unbinded, you may KOS them.
      • If you witness someone attempt to free your hostage they are KOS.


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