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Private Messages to Admins


Please do not private message admins

Valid exceptions:

  • Your message is truly of a private nature and can only be answered by an admin.
  • You have had prior agreement from an admin to do so.

This is not the admins being awkward, however, admins do not need to deal with unnecessary messages.

Unnecessary messages:

Messages with HELP questions. There is a HELP section and a HELP Team to deal with these. An admin only needs to be involved if the HELP Team cannot deal with it.

Suggestions - that is what the Suggestions forum is for.

General queries and issues that have been dealt with on the forum - We cannot answer each person individually which is why we post on the forum - please take the time to find your answers on the forum or help and FAQ. If you cannot find the answer you seek then you may open a topic in the Help Centre.

Unfortunately we will not be able to reply any private messages that do not fall into the circumstances above. So If you do not get a reply from us make a post in the correct section of the forum.

Thank you for your understanding.

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