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Game Server Admin Application Guidelines

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Admin Application(s):

In order to join the Unified Gaming game server admin team you must actively be playing on one of our game servers. (Click Here for the Server List) Unlike some/most communities/clans you must be a member of the community you're applying at, here at Unified Gaming, we respect which communities and clans you are in and do not require you to choose one over the other(s). If you're active on one of our game servers, and have spoken/met/played with one of our admins, (and they can vouch for your application either here on the forums or Steam) your application is likely to be successful. However, if you're new and don't know any of the admins or regular players, we ask, respectfully, that you put some time into playing on our servers and join in the community here on the forums and contribute a bit on the forums before applying.


Your Application

To join the admin team, there is a set criteria you must meet prior to making an application. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A good understanding of the rules.
  • Being active on the site, servers and/or TeamSpeak.
  • You must have a good attitude and a willingness to play on the server with players and remain decent and not argumentative.
  • Have the ability to use common sense and follow rules, applying it to all situations.
  • Be 16 years or older; although this is not strictly enforced, decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions can be approved upon maturity and how your attitude is toward players/members of the forum.
  • Speak good English, we cannot moderate languages we do not understand. In such cases, the language to be spoken on the forums and servers (over mic) is English. That being said, however, you may speak in your native tongue via server chat.

Application Form

[b]Age & Date of Birth[/b]: 
[b]In-Game Name[/b]: 
[b]Steam ID[/b]: 
[b]How many languages do you speak?[/b]: 
[b]Do you own Counter-Strike: Source on Steam (not cracked)?[/b]: 
[b]Do You have Teamspeak 3?[/b]: 
[b]Do you have previous experience with SourceMod?[/b]: 
[b]Have you ever been VAC banned and if so, why?[/b]: 
[b]Why do you want to become an admin?[/b] ([i]Must be more than 50 characters[/i]): 
[b]Which server are you applying for admin?[/b]: 
(More than 50 words are optional but not recommended)

About Unified Gaming

Unified Gaming is a multi-platform gaming community/fan/discussion site with game servers, community downloads and "soon-to-be" (we hope) a nice successful gaming website.
The site is not specifically focused on one game title or genre, but focuses on a wide range of games including single and multi-player compatibility and experience! Click here to read more.


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